Furious Gold Pack 8 contains Alcatel MTK Phone Unlock Tool, developed specially for Alcatel, Motorola, SFR, Vodafone phones built on MTK platfrom. Alcatel MTK Phone Unlock Tool allows you unlock and change language in supported MTK-based mobile phones. *19 USD will be added to your Furious Gold account with the purchase of Furious Gold Pack 8.

Furious Gold Pack 8 Support for Alcatel MTK Phone Unlock Tool

Supported Features:

  • All levels of codes are provided
  • Direct unlock
  • Generate unlock codes using provider ID
  • Rebuild security
  • Unblock counters
  • Unlock phone remotely
  • Write FFS (FFS repair/format), remove phone code and customization
  • Write LP (language change)

Supported Phones: *

  • Alcatel OT-322D, OT-710K, OT-870F, Playboy 2, OT-228D, OT-250, OT-505K, OT-543, OT-565K, OT-803F, OT-I780, OT-S122, OT-991, OT-890DG, OT-890G, OT-891G, OT-985, OT-A890D, OT-A890G, OT-3201, OT-A919, OT-C918, OT-C919, OT-W939, ONE TOUCH SHINE, ONE TOUCH SPORT, OT-E252, OT-090X, OT-103A, OT-103X, OT-104A, OT-105A, OT-105X, OT-106X, OT-108X, OT-109X, OT-112X, OT-113X, OT-117X, OT-150X, OT-203A, OT-203EX, OT-203X, OT-204X, OT-206X, OT-208A, OT-208X, OT-209A, OT-209X, OT-213X, OT-214A, OT-214WX, OT-214X, OT-216X, OT-217A, OT-217D, OT-217DX, OT-217X, OT-222A, OT-222X, OT-223A, OT-223X, OT-250X, OT-252X, OT-255A, OT-255DX, OT-255X, OT-280X, OT-282X, OT-300X, OT-303A, OT-303X, OT-304X, OT-305A, OT-305X, OT-306A, OT-306X, OT-310A, OT-310X, OT-311X, OT-312X, OT-355A, OT-355DX, OT-355X, OT-356A, OT-360A, OT-361A, OT-361X, OT-362X, OT-363A, OT-363X, OT-380X, OT-383A, OT-383X, OT-385DX, OT-385JA, OT-385JX, OT-385X, OT-390A, OT-390X, OT-455X, OT-505KX, OT-505X, OT-506A, OT-506DX, OT-506X, OT-508A, OT-543X, OT-565A, OT-565X, OT-585DX, OT-585X, OT-600A, OT-600X, OT-602A, OT-602DX, OT-602X, OT-606A, OT-606X, OT-660A, OT-660X, OT-665A, OT-665X, OT-706A, OT-706X, OT-708A, OT-708X, OT-710A, OT-710DX, OT-710X, OT-799A, OT-799X, OT-800A, OT-800X, OT-802A, OT-802X, OT-802YX, OT-803A, OT-803DX, OT-803X, OT-806A, OT-806DX, OT-806X, OT-807A, OT-807DX, OT-807X, OT-808A, OT-808GX, OT-808X, OT-809X, OT-810DX, OT-810X, OT-813A, OT-813DX, OT-813FX, OT-813X, OT-818A, OT-818DX, OT-818X, OT-819A, , OT-819DX, OT-819X, OT-871A, OT-880A, OT-880X, OT-888A, OT-890, OT-891, OT-900A, OT-900X, OT-901A, OT-905A, OT-905X, OT-907D, OT-A890, OT-AM01X, OT-B331X, OT-C700A, OT-C701A, OT-C701X, OT-C707X, OT-C717A, OT-C717X, OT-C820A, OT-C825X, OT-EL03A, OT-EL03X, OT-EL05A, OT-EL05X, OT-F0Z9X, OT-F115X, OT-F330X, OT-F331X, OT-F344X, OT-I650A, OT-I650X, OT-I780X, OT-I802X, OT-I808X, OT-I880X, OT-KR01X, OT-M181AA, OT-M181AX, OT-M290A, OT-M295A, OT-MD01X, OT-MD02A, OT-MD02X, OT-MS01X, OT-MS02X, OT-PB01A, OT-PB01X, OT-Q3X, OT-S122X, OT-S215A, OT-S218X, OT-S319A, OT-S319X, OT-S320X, OT-S321A, OT-S520A, OT-S520X, OT-S521A, OT-S521X, OT-S621X, OT-S626A, OT-T208X, OT-T218X, OT-T355X, OT-090, OT-103, OT-104, OT-105, OT-106, OT-108, OT-109, OT-112, OT-113, OT-140, OT-203, OT-203E, OT-204, OT-205, OT-206, OT-208, OT-209, OT-213, OT-214, OT-214W, OT-216, OT-222, OT-223, OT-255, OT-280, OT-300, OT-303, OT-304, OT-305, OT-306, OT-311, OT-315, OT-315M, OT-352, OT-355, OT-356, OT-360, OT-361, OT-362, OT-363, OT-380, OT-383, OT-385, OT-385J, OT-505, OT-506, OT-508, OT-510, OT-540, OT-565, OT-585, OT-600, OT-602, OT-606, OT-660, OT-665, OT-706, OT-708, OT-710, OT-799, OT-800, OT-802, OT-802Y, OT-803, OT-806, OT-807, OT-808, OT-808G, OT-808M, OT-809, OT-810, OT-813, OT-813F, OT-818, OT-819, OT-828, OT-880, OT-888, OT-900, OT-900M, OT-901, OT-901N, OT-901S, OT-905, OT-905C, OT-905M, OT-907N, OT-B331, OT-C700, OT-C701, OT-C707, OT-C717, OT-C820, OT-C825, OT-I606, OT-I650, OT-I802, OT-I808, OT-I818, OT-I880, OT-I888, OT-I898, OT-I900, OT-I905, OT-Q3, OT-Q5, OT-S215, OT-S218, OT-S319, OT-S320, OT-S321, OT-S520, OT-S521, OT-S621, OT-S626, OT-T208, OT-T218, OT-T255, OT-T355, OT-V570, OT-V607, OT-V670, OT-V770, PLAYBOY, AMSTERDAM, CRYSTAL, ELLE N3, ELLE N5, ELLE N9, MANDARINA DUCK, MANDARINA DUCK 2, MISS SIXTY, MISS SIXTY 2, OT-117, OT-217, OT-228, OT-262, OT-282, OT-292, OT-308, OT-312, OT-390, OT-585F, OT-810F, OT-T268, OT-T66, OT-268, OT-310, OT-358, OT-585A, OT-595, OT-720, OT-838, OT-8107, OT-322, OT-296, OT-319, OT-252, OT-255D, OT-301, OT-317D, OT-318D, OT-355D, OT-358D, OT-385D, OT-455, OT-506D, OT-530, OT-585D, OT-585DF, OT-595D, OT-602D, OT-650, OT-668, OT-710D, OT-7110, OT-720D, OT-803D, OT-806D, OT-807D, OT-810D, OT-813D, OT-818D, OT-819D, OT-870, OT-871, OT-888D, OT-905D, OT-907, OT-200, OT-201, OT-207
  • SFR 115, 121, 122, 152, 3440, 101, 262, 123, 117, 344, 1150
  • Vodafone 150, 250, 252, 330, 331, 345, 350, 354, 355, 455, 543, 555, 155, 330FM, 331FM, 541, 720, 810, SFR 121, SFR 122, SFR 152, SFR 344, SFR 3440
  • Motorola WX160, WX161, WX180, WX181, WX260, WX260C, WX265, WX280, WX288, WX290, WX295, WX390, WX395

To activate this product, please, provide us with your Furious Gold Box username and serial number while placing an order. To find your serial number and username please do the following:

  • Launch maintenance software
  • Press "Go Furiousgold Support Area"
  • Choose "Dashboard"
  • Select "Account Info"



As soon as credits deposited on your account, we will send you an email.

How to Get Box User name & SN ?

How to activate your Support Renewal after  you get credit into Your account ?

how to Active single pack or pack with renewal ?

Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.