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Jumars Server Credits are intended for phone unlocking operations on old and new Samsung phones.

You can use Jumars Server Credits with Jumars Dongle only.

Jumars Server Credits – Consumption

3 credits/operation

  • SM-A-series: SM-A105F SM-A105G, SM-A105M SM-A105N SM-A202F SM-A205F SM-A205FN SM-A205G SM-A205GN SM-A205S SM-A205U SM-A205W SM-A205Y SM-A205YN SM-A260F SM-A260G SM-A3050 SM-A3058 SM-A305F SM-A305G SM-A305GT SM-A305N SM-A305Y SM-A305YN SM-A310F SM-A310M SM-A310N SM-A310N0 SM-A310Y SM-A320F SM-A320FL SM-A320Y SM-A405F SM-A405FN SM-A505F SM-A505G SM-A505W SM-A505Y SM-A505YN SM-A510F SM-A510FD SM-A510K SM-A510L SM-A510M SM-A510S SM-A510Y SM-A520F SM-A520N SM-A520W SM-A530F SM-A530N SM-A530W SM-A600A SM-A600AZ SM-A600F SM-A600FN SM-A600G SM-A600GD SM-A600GN SM-A600N SM-A600T SM-A600T1 SM-A600U SM-A710F SM-A710FD SM-A710K SM-A710L SM-A710M SM-A710S SM-A710Y SM-A720F SM-A730F SM-A750F SM-A750FN SM-A750G SM-A750GN SM-A750N
  • SM-G-series: SM-G390F SM-G390Y SM-G570F SM-G570M SM-G570Y SM-G610F SM-G610M SM-G611F SM-G611FD SM-G611FF SM-G611K SM-G611L SM-G611M SM-G611S SM-G930F SM-G930FD SM-G930K SM-G930L SM-G930W SM-G930W8 SM-G935D SM-G935F SM-G935FD SM-G935J SM-G935K SM-G935L SM-G935S SM-G935W SM-G935W8 SM-G950F SM-G950N SM-G955F SM-G955N
  • SM-J-series: SM-J260AZ SM-J260F SM-J260G SM-J260M SM-J260T SM-J260T1 SM-J326A SM-J326AZ SM-J327A SM-J327T SM-J327T1 SM-J330F SM-J330FN SM-J336A SM-J336AZ SM-J337A SM-J337AZ SM-J337R SM-J337T SM-J400F SM-J400G SM-J400M SM-J530F SM-J530G SM-J530GM SM-J530Y SM-J530YM SM-J600F SM-J600G SM-J600N SM-J700T SM-J700T1 SM-J701F SM-J701M SM-J701MT SM-J710F SM-J710FN SM-J710FQ SM-J710G SM-J710GN SM-J710K SM-J710MN SM-J720F SM-J720M SM-J727T SM-J727T1 SM-J730F SM-J730FM SM-J730G SM-J730GM SM-J730K SM-J737A_ SM-J737R SM-J737T SM-J737T1 SM-J737U
  • SM-M-series: SM-M105F SM-M105G SM-M105M SM-M105Y SM-M205F SM-M205FN SM-M205G SM-M205M SM-M305F SM-M305M
  • SM-N-series: SM-N930F SM-N935F SM-N935K SM-N935L SM-N950F SM-N950N
  • SM-P-series: SM-P205D
  • SM-S-series: SM-S337T SM-S337TL SM-S357B SM-S357BL SM-S737T SM-S737TL SM-S757B SM-S757BL SM-SC04J
  • SM-T-series: SM-T378V SM-T395C SM-T395X SM-T515X SM-T585X

5 credits/operation

  • SM-G-series: SM-G960F SM-G960N SM-G965F SM-G965N SM-G970F SM-G970N SM-G973F SM-G973N SM-G975F SM-G975N SM-G977B SM-G977N
  • SM-N-series: SM-N960F SM-N960N

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

SKU: PL-0432 Category: Tags: , ,

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