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Quick 858
Code : PL-1001
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1. Closed loop of sensor. Temperature can be controlled by zero voltage triggering mode, not affected by air volume. Large power, rapid heating, temperature accurate and stable.
2. Mild wind, airflow adjustable, easy temperature adjustment.
3. Sensitive electromagnetic inductor in handle, rework station works immediately when the handle is picked up, enters standby mode when the handle is placed in the holder. Easy operation.
4. Automatic cooling function, prolonging the lifetime of heating element, protecting the unit.
5. Alloy case, compact design. The unit takes up little space.
6. Brushless fan, low noise.

Power consumption: 700W
Airflow type: brushless fan, mild wind
Temperature range: 100-450
Air volume: 120L/min (max)
Handle length: 120cm
Dimension: 138(L)*100(W)*150(H) mm
Noise: < 45dB