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NCK Dongle 1 Year Activation
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NCK Dongle 1 Year Activation is meant for NCK Dongle users only. It allows you to use future NCK software versions if you've bought a dongle more than 1 year ago.

It also enables automatic conversion of you NCK Dongle to NCK Dongle Fully Activated (ACT1 + CDMA + Iden/Palm)* for 1 year.

NCK Dongle - ACT1 Activation Features

  • MicroMax unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Alcatel Android Unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • HTC Android Unlocking
  • Read Huawei Gxxx series codes via cable, unlimited unlocking – Server Based
  • Avivo unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • VeryKool unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Huawei Qcomm modems
  • MessagePhone unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Gtran unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Spice unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Chibo Mobiles calculations
  • and more...

NCK Dongle - CDMA Features

Samsung CDMA

  • Flash, Unlock, Repair


  • Flash, Unlock, Repair
  • Auto model detection, auto flash chip detection to prevent wrong flashing (exclusive feature)

NCK Dongle - Iden/Palm Activation Features

Motorola Iden

  • Unlock CNS Old
  • Unlock CNS New

Palm Pixi/Pre

  • Auto detect phone model
  • Direct unlock method
  • Unlocks phones with blocked counter
  • No flashing phone or installing Java Apps
  • 4-Step unlock method

*To activate this product, please, provide us with correct 9 digit serial number of your NCK Dongle while placing an order.