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Activation Omnius Server 1year
Code : PL-0230
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Omnius offers these operations:

  • Full and permanent unlock
    Allows you to perform the permanent change of the network lock status of your phone. After further flashing or customization it will remain unchanged.
  • Unlock-by-patch
    Unlocks your phone until next flashing.
  • Flashing & phone language change
    Updates the firmware, debrands the phone, changes the phone's language, etc..
  • VKP Patching
    Allows you to patch your firmware using VKP scripts.
  • CDA Changing
    Allows you to change language information to any possible and then upgrade your firmware to the latest released by vendor (using SEUS).
  • GDFS reconstruction (repair)
    Performs a full and correct rebuild of GDFS (global data file system).
  • GDFS/TA backup and restore
    Downloads GDFS/TA from your phone, stores it and restores on request.
  • User-code reset
    Resets the phone user code.
  • Error detection & repair
    Diagnose your phone's problems and offers a solution if there is any.
  • Detailed phone identification
    Simply displays all the details about your phone.


  • User friendly GUI
    • Customizable window layout
    • Nice design
    • Suitable for either beginners or experts
    • Translated into many languages
    • Product homepage access from the application
  • Allows multiple connected phones / multiple simultaneous operations
  • No card, dongle or box needed